Back to School Bundles

As you all know it’s that time of year again, BACK TO SCHOOL (BTS). You are running around trying to get the school books, school bags and last min things while looking after the young ones.. We here at want to help you. Shop from the comfort of your own home and don’t miss out on our BTS bundles. For your little one starting or going back to primary and of your teenager starting or going back to secondary, we have you covered. You won’t find these bundles anywhere else. At great prices the primary costs €17.95 (choose from girls and boys) and the secondary costs €24.99 (choose from girls and boys).

Primary School Bundle:

  • 120pg (10PK) Copy
  • Ecolution + Eraser 4PK
  • Kids Colouring Pencils
  • Double Pink Cupcake/Blue Football Pencil Case
  • Oxford Helix Eraser & Sharpener
  • Crayola Twistable’s 12PK

Secondary School Bundle:

  • Hardbacks 5PK
  • BIC Essential Pack
  • Oxford-Helix Student Set
  • Oxford-Helix Maths Set
  • BIC Crystal Assorted Pens
  • Black Urban Pencil case
  • A4 Pukka Project Book Pink/Blue

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