Easter Arts & Crafts

The Easter holidays are approaching or are here for some of us already. Kids can get bored really fast when they can’t find anything to do.

So why not let them bring out there creative side by Decorating eggs and making Easter bunny’s.

These can be done with bits and bobs you have at home around the house.

  • Egg Decorating

This is a simple activity. All you need is Eggs! ,paints, pencils and markers.

There are no instructions on how to do this, the kids can run wild.

  • Easter Bunny’s

Using toilet roll holders, scissors, paints, markers, googly eyes, cotton will and glue follow these steps:

  1. Paint the toilet roll holders a colour of your choice and leave dry.
  2. Using another toilet roll holder cut strips for the ears and paint the same colour.
  3. Stick the ears on with glue and the googly eyes.
  4. Draw the face with marker (If you don’t have googly eyes you can draw them on with the marker).
  5. Stick the cotton wool on the back for the tail and that’s that finished.

Easter Bunnys

Here at Toddlerland we can help you with the Easter crafts. Check out our Crayola range in out Arts, crafts & back to school category that have Kids washable paints, my first safety scissors, pritt stick glue (Pink & Green) and a range of other stationery.

Have fun 🙂