Arts, Crafts & Back to School

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Arts, Crafts & Back to School

Here on Toddlerland we have expanded our range of Products. While shopping for a baby on the way or a new born you don’t want to make their big brother or sister feel left out. Toddlerland have thought of them with our arts, crafts & back to school range.

Our brands here include Crayola, Bic, Pritt and Uni-ball.

The pritt range product is known as Pritt Craft. This will take your young ones into the imaginary world of princesses & pirates. You can choose from 8 great designs that contain materials you will need to complete the creation. Each Pritt Craft includes its very own Pritt Stick. The Pritt Crafts were designed by eductional experts at Wummelkiste and also were tested and loved by children.

Our Crayola range consists of crayons, chalk, washable paint, play dough and safety scissors.

In our Bic range we have plastidecor crayons, felt tip markers and coloured pens.

Our Uni-ball range consists of rollerball pens for your older children going back to school.


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