Baby Bump 2 in 1 Face Mask & Scrub


Still waiting for that “pregnancy glow” ? Worse yet, are unsightly brown patches (known as melasma) or pregnancy acne popping up? Baby Bump’s 2 in 1 Face Mask & Scrub gives you a double bang for your buck. Really, who doesn’t like a bargain? Pumpkin and Papaya enzymes naturally exfoliate dull, dry, discolored skin cells – your fingertips and our gentle microbeads whisk them away. Many moms-to-be are thrilled to discover this product when they are looking for melasma treatment or acne treatment during pregnancy, but many continue using it when they are no longer pregnant! The 2-in-1 Face Mask and Scrub is formulated with natural enzymes to safely exfoliate and lift dry, discolored skin, leaving a healthy glow that will have everyone saying “you look gorgeous” and secretly thinking “I wish I looked that good when I was pregnant!”

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Baby Bump