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Carriwell Adjustable Support Belt

The adjustable support belt dramatically reduces or completely eliminates lower back pain by gently lifting the abdomen and thereby encouraging a more erect posture.



Carriwell Adjustable Support Belt

The adjustable support belt dramatically reduces or completely eliminates lower back pain by gently lifting the abdomen and thereby encouraging a more erect posture.

  • Simple: Easy to put on and fully adjustable to your exact needs.
  • Support: The broad soft belt gently lifts your tummy relieving downward pressure.
  • Relief: The belt applies counter pressure to any possible area of discomfort in your lower back.
  • Soft: The broad elastic and soft fabric is designed never to cut into your sensitive skin.
 Available in Black or White, Sizes S, M, L & XL.

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Weight 0.200 kg

White, Black


S, M, L, XL

Sister Lilian Report for the Velcro Support Belt.

The Carriwell Adjustable Support Belt has been tested by leading midwife Sister Lilian and has been found to dramatically reduce ligament pain, back ache and abdominal pressure during pregnancy.  Backache and lower pelvic pain in pregnancy are quite common, especially from the twentieth week onwards. Sometimes in second and subsequent pregnancies, this discomfort may trouble women even earlier.

In pregnancy, the body’s centre of gravity gradually changes and upright posture is often affected, as one’s ‘bump’ grows and more weight is carried abdominally. Expectant women frequently reach a time when they adopt the much joked-about ‘duck’ walk. The upper back is held too tensely backwards, the pelvis thrust at an unnatural angle in a more forward way.  The thigh bones may well also attach more loosely due to softened, stretched ligaments. Many of the core muscles and ligaments, responsible for keeping one upright and toned around the abdominal area, are attached to these vertebrae. There is consequently additional strain on the lower back, as the lumbar section is the main weight-bearing part of the spine.

Lower pelvic pressure or pain is quite common in pregnancy too, often occurring after long periods of standing, sitting or lying in the same position. Discomfort may be increased by the way baby lies or a less usual shape and position of the womb. Mostly though this occurs from onset of the third trimester, as baby grows and presses down on the nerves in the pelvic and groin area.  Over the years women have mostly been advised to ‘grin and bear it’, as this is simply part of pregnancy. It is indeed related but fortunately does not have to be borne entirely!

The Carriwell adjustable support belt helps for both symptoms – painful pressure in the lower pelvis and lower backache, posing one of the only safe and effective treatments available. This it does in two ways. The broad, soft belt quite literally lifts one’s preggy ‘bump’ safely, relieving the downward pressure which leads to painful pressing on nerves in the region. Localised backache which women can point out very specifi cally is relieved as the Carriwell support belt applies counter pressure to the precise area of discomfort in the lower back – much like pressure on the temples soothes a pressing headache for a while.  The belt is very comfortable to wear under clothes and is especially useful for women who are on their feet for much of the day, causing tired muscles and diffi culty maintaining good posture. Those in sedentary jobs are affected due to the additional pressure from compressed space in the mid-section of the body and poor sitting posture.

The Carriwell belt comes in three sizes, but each one is further adjustable too, ensuring that each and every woman will find the perfect way of wearing this soothing garment. Due to its broad width, elasticity and softness of fabric, it will never cut into a sensitive pregnant belly, nor will it impede blood or nerve supply to these vital parts. It ensures that women can move more freely as they are in less discomfort. Consequently they can be more active and maintain better abdominal muscle tone. The belt warms the lower back slightly too, soothing away the pain.



Carriwell has been designing and developing comfortable and supportive underwear for both expectant and nursing mums since 1996.