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Oribel Busy Woodpecker Knocker

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Oribel Busy Woodpecker Knocker with Light, Action & Sound

Constant light, action and sound for fun all around.

Busy little hands will have so much fun with Mr. Woodpecker!

Tapping down on Mr. Woodpecker’s tail makes a knocking sound that lights up the little bird’s house.

Allow little fingers to guide the windmills into a spin to build dexterity through fun play!

Age Suitability: 9 months +

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Oribel is a combination of “Ori” from Original and “bel” from Belle meaning beauty. The brand is created with a belief that original ideas and aesthetics belong together. At Oribel, they understand that while parenthood is an exciting journey, it is daunting at the same time. Through their original and innovative products, they aim to deliver solutions to make parenting days more enjoyable.
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